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Couples Counseling - A safe and compassionate space to help couples in need of therapy - Camborne Progressive Counselling

A safe and compassionate space to help couples in need of therapy

Couples Counseling - Camborne Progressive Counselling

My Approach

The unconditional supportive relationship of another is an invaluable experience. This requires one who can attentively listen and focus with an open mind, without judgement or bias. Therapy at Camborne Progressive Counselling is about listening in a way that allows one’s guard and defence mechanisms to gradually fade away, and in doing so, restoring control of our sense of self, our lives and how we perceive the environment in which we live.

The ability to professionally listen in a safe environment facilitates a deeper and more meaningful way to self-awareness and change. Learning to change and grow is a life-enhancing experience. It feels wonderful and fulfilling to regain control of thoughts and feelings and develop the ability to look at ourselves with renewed vigour and optimisim. It is my expereince that when change occurs it automatically spreads to other areas of life, thus strengthening and affirming our sense of self.

If you feel like you need some help realising your potential or struggling to understand or resolve some aspect of your life and need someone with whom you can share your problems in a way that helps you see yourself and others better, then counselling is for you. Talking therapies help find more effective ways to live a fuller life. It is a one-to-one collaborative recovery process specifically tailored to meet your needs.

An example of how it works

A person may come to Camborne Porgressive Counselling with a difficulty at home. Relationships with somefamily members may be strained. We explore what is happening in that situation.This may highlight some issues in their way of communicating with others, perhapsa lack of confidence or belief in themself? Or perhaps there may be adjustmentsneeded in boundaries within family relationships.

From there we may explore how other relationships in their life are and how theywould like them to be. We would look at ways of taking a step by step approach, building confidence, trust and empowerment towardsmeaningful and effective relationships.

Throughout this they would be given much support, encouragement and practicaltools and techniques to help them in their everyday life.

In each session we would look at what works for them and what they find less helpful,thus tailoring the progress to suit the indiviuals needs.

Mark Lenten - Counsellor

Welcome to Camborne Progressive Counselling.

I offer professional therapeutic counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to individuals, couples and workplace employees. All of us at some time in our lives will encounter circumstances that may impede or challenge our sense of well-being. My aim as your counsellor is to help you explore and make sense of these experiences, which are sometimes at a deeper subconscious level, and to help you progress forward.

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