Hardwood Decking End Wax – Is It Necessary?

Most hardwood decking installation specialists will propose using quit wax to seal the ends of boards earlier than installation. For the impatient purchaser, this will seem like a time-consuming, unnecessary step. This false impression could not be similarly from the fact. End wax is the first-rate manner to save you cease checking, also referred to as cracking. The following are the pinnacle reasons why a great give up wax is really important for the installation of a brand new deck.

Moisture Change

The fundamental goal – certainly, the whole factor – of sealing the ends of deck boards with wax is to save you moisture from shifting inside and out of the Hardwood decking forums. The cellular shape of timber lets in moisture to freely pass in and out of the porous board ends. This moisture trade reasons the board ends to crack and break up, every now and then as speedy as one hour after being reduce.

Some owners will underestimate the harm stop checking may have on a new hardwood deck. The cracks and splits as a result of moisture trade may not look like a big deal when it’s miles clearly one board, however while almost every board starts offevolved to crack the result may be very unattractive. Also, considering end checking tends to affect about 90% of untreated forums, changing cracked boards may be very expensive.


Cracks are not the best outcome of give up checking. Water can purpose essential discoloration in hardwood decking substances, even ones as resilient as Ipe decking. Discoloration occurs maximum around uncovered, untreated parts of the timber, and end checking exposes more floor place of the board. The cracked, uncovered regions start to darken and discolor as quickly as they may be exposed to moisture, giving your deck a noticed, unattractive appearance.


Even though applying cease wax is a noticeably inexpensive manner, some house owners nonetheless do not need the brought cost. Foregoing the utility of stop wax, but, is extra high-priced over time. Replacing cracked and discolored boards is steeply-priced and disturbing, and if the general public of your deck has experienced give up checking you could want to update the whole lot.

How to Apply End Wax

Now which you understand why it is critical to apply give up wax earlier than putting in a hardwood deck, permit’s check the utility manner. Luckily, making use of stop wax is a particularly smooth process. One approach is to certainly take a folded rag or small towel, dip it in a amazing wax such as Anchorseal, and gingerly practice to the board ends. Use simply sufficient to correctly seal the cease, however avoid getting any at the deck board as excess wax can motive staining. If you do occur to apply too much, surely scrape the extra off with a putty knife and gently sand the affected region.

As you currently recognize, making use of cease wax is a very crucial step within the installation manner. You may be tempted to skip it, however doing so can cost you a variety of time and money in the long run. Using Anchorseal or an equal sealant will save you end checking and help hold your hardwood deck searching top notch for years to come.