One Hour Is Enough for Cleaning

I bet you have been in that funny situation when some relatives or friends of yours give you a call with the nice warning they are coming to visit you at your place in an hour. And then you pray to God some good-looking man from a TV advertisement to appear in front of you out of the blue and to do the work for you in a minute. Alas, if you are older than 10 years old, you would know for sure that the guy from the TV is staying in there. The question at hand is whether you can accomplish the task of cleaning your place in one hour. No, you can’t use of these all-knowing cleaning companies like Ace clean. And we have an answer for you – YES, you can. Read the next few tips which we provide in order to save you precious time. Fast and efficient, these advices come from the specialist in the field of cleaning with a guarantee they work:

First of all, make a list of the tasks you should be done with for an hour. You can do the same with your weekly tasks. But the problem at hand concerns the one-hour cleaning goal. Stick to it and rope in one job to be done for the time left.

It may sound silly to some of you but finding clothes and equipment suitable for this chore actually saves a lot of time and efforts. Maids and expert cleaning personnel wear uniforms and gadgets appropriate for the job they do so they could finish it efficiently and fast. Buy yourself comfortable shoes, be sure to work in gloves, provide various kinds of dusters, why not kneepads or glasses? Wear clothes from lightweight fabrics to feel not restricted in your movements.

Another step towards successful and fast cleaning is to obtain enough tools and props to do the cleaning. Buy enough dusters, cloth and paper towels, sponges, brushes, detergents, mops, etc. make sure to buy well-made tools which would work instead of rather break in a minute.

Throw away any garbage and random stuff from the surfaces and plots in every room so you could clean undisturbed by any popping out items.

Start from wiping down all the shelves and doors of the cupboards and the appliances. Hold a preparation-soaked towel in the one hand and dry paper towel in the other to the cleaning and drying activities at once.

Avoid removing heavy-dirt items; situate them in a place to wait for deep cleaning. In an hour you would not be able to be done with all the work at hand.

Proceed with cleaning the floorings; first vacuum the carpets if you have any, because they detain dust, hairs and dirt. Then move on to vacuuming the inlaid and tiled floors and mop them.

Finally, if you have some time left, wash the windows. Hurry up because the guests are knocking on the door! Last but not least, you can surely do this kind of surface cleaning by yourself. But for more in depth, detailed cleaning getting professional help is the viable option. For example, if you are in need of end of tenancy cleaning London, make sure to check in with any professional cleaner.